CBD: what is it?


Discovered in the 40s, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid identified in cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC, a psychoactive molecule of the Cannabis plant, cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects. CBD seems to provide relief for depression, post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety, amongst other benefits.

In order to be sold in France, hemp varieties used for manufacturing must respect a 0.3% THC limit and be identified by the French Public Health Code. Only the seeds and the fibers can be used whereas flowers and leaves are prohibited. As for finished products, they must not contain THC at all.

Authentic way of life, cannabidiol is only at the beginning of its rise.

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Forecasts indicate that CBD & hemp business will reach 1.5 billion € by 2023 in Europe (source: Brightfield Europe CBD report), a true and real growth.

Following this dynamic, we created CBD Expo France, the international hemp and cannabidiol exhibition, to gather all the professionals in a unique place.

This B2B trade show, pioneer in France, aims to become the leading Event for all the professionals willing to develop their business in Europe and internationally. CBD Expo France is the “place to be” to get informed about the hemp & CBD news. Thanks to the numerous conferences and activities, CBD Expo France is the right event to increase brand awareness and gain market shares and popularity.

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CBD Expo France: the project

A booming market


Long forgotten, the hemp & CBD market is living again its golden age. In fact, the market reached a €34.1 million turnover just in France in 2018 (source: Brightfield Europe CBD report)!

This plant and its innumerous benefits are meant to be the future as the CBD and hemp businesses are now flourishing. The countless number of hemp derivative products confirms the fact that this material is versatile and essential. Perfect for construction and insulation, we also find it in cosmetics with very hydrating creams and in omega 3 and 6-rich oils, as well as in clothing and edibles. CBD is already spread in the vape industry.

This booming market is a real business opportunity in France and abroad, France being the third biggest producer in the world (17.000 hectares) after Canada (60.000) and China (45.000) and #1 in Europe!

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